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A Filipino Falling in Love Fast DOESN’T Mean He’s a Scammer

A common question I get is why do Filipinos fall in love fast. A lot of times guys get turned off and sometimes guys even think it’s a scam. However, I want to give you the true reasons why Filipinos fall in love quickly and it’s not necessarily what you think.

Filipinos Fall in Love Fast

There are several reasons why a Filipino may fall in love fast:

  • He has been looking for a long time
  • He’s embarrassed because he’s not in a relationship
  • He doesn’t want to be old and paying for sex
  • Filipino culture values marriage and family

He’s Been Looking for a Long Time

The average age for a Filipino is just 22 years old. That’s why once they pass 28 they’re already considered past their prime. Philippine culture expects a person to be married by age 30.

In fact, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, most Filipinos are married before their 30th birthday. An unmarried Filipino may experience a lot of social pressure to get married.

Add to that the fact that many Filipino men are very picky and want handsome guys with money. That leaves a large chunk of the dating pool out in the cold. THAT’S GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

He Knows How Hard it Is Once He Gets Older

Every Filipino has seen the old effeminate man in his neighborhood who is always paying young men for sex. Occasionally a guy will stick around for a couple of weeks but everyone knows the relationship is not real.

He’ll say he’s happy but everyone knows deep down he wishes someone loved him for real. A lot of guys are afraid of ending up like that and that’s why they want to solidify a relationship quickly to avoid that.

He Wants a Better Life

Let’s not be naive here, no matter how much they deny it the prospect of getting out of poverty is a factor in these guys’ decision to date foreigners, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Every Filipino has a friend or knows someone who knows someone who married a foreigner and went from rags to riches. You shouldn’t despair over this fact. That’s why you have so many beautiful gorgeous guys to choose from! 

If you’re unsure whether or not your Filipino actually likes you or not I have an article on signs he really likes you and signs that he doesn’t.

How Fast is Too Fast?

It’s normal for a Filipino to fall in love quickly but there is such a thing is too fast. If he’s proclaiming love in the first or second chat and then complaining about his finances that’s not a good sign. RUN AWAY!

That is an indication that he’s either so desperate that he’ll accept anyone or that he’s trying to get your money. Either way, it’s not good. I would stay away from any guy who declared love in less than two weeks.

It’s normal for a Filipino to start feeling ‘kilig kilig’ (love vibes) after one or two good conversations or a good first date but most of them won’t tell you for at least 2-4 weeks. You’ll just be able to sense it.

How to React When He Falls in Love Fast

This is why it’s so important to know what you want when you sign up for these dating sites. If you are feeling a guy then just go with it, unless he’s also complaining about her financial woes. 

I’ve seen marriages where the couple only dated for 8 weeks and they’re still together 15 years later. There is no specific timeline for knowing someone. If you’re still wanting to check out other options just emphasize to him that you’re just looking for a friend right now and that you’re not ready for a relationship. Filipinos will get jealous they discover you’re still chatting with other guys.

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