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Adding Your Immigrant Spouse to Be to Your Health Insurance

It’s not something you’re probably thinking about right now but its important–medical insurance. Once you bring your groom to be to America you need to get him health insurance.

This is really important for a few reasons. The first is obvious that if something happens to him you want to make sure he’s covered and you won’t go bankrupt paying his medical bills. The second reason is he ends up in the hospital and get can’t pay the debt (which he won’t because he won’t be working) the hospital may go after you since you agreed to be responsible for his welfare in the Affidavit of Support that you signed in order to get him to the US.

You’re probably thinking that you can just put him on your insurance but that’s not correct. Only US Citizen or Permanent Residents can be on an employer-sponsored insurance plan or through the Affordable Care Act. And no, he won’t qualify for Medicaid until he gets his Temporary Permanent Residency either.

That means in the period between when he first arrives and he gets his temporary permanent resident card (yes that’s the name) your best bet will be to get him traveler insurance.

The rates vary based on the usual factors of his age, weight, and other health-related issues he may have. You can check out Visitors Coverage to see what his rates may be.

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