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Cebu Pacific Has Philippines First Transgender Flight Attendant

Jess Labares is apparently The Philippines’ first openly transgender flight attendant.

Labares said it was her childhood dream to be a flight attendant. She also recalls the flight attendant training the “most difficult training” she ever had.

“It’s not all about looking pretty, its been all about your comfort and your SAFETY,” she said.

Becoming a flight attendant has never been a childhood dream of mine. Ever. Instead, the opportunity presented itself as a challenge – a personal challenge to know what I’m truly capable of and to try something very foreign to me. Sometimes we really have to take that brave step beyond our comfort zone to become a little more aware of who we are and to be well-acquainted with the limits of what we can do. Now that I’m officially an airline cabin crew member, I can finally say that “I have arrived.”

Jess Labares

She thanked Cebgo and Cebu Pacific for accepting her on behalf of the LGBT community.

“This means that we are now slowly accepting and respecting individuality, uniqueness, and expression. It is another milestone in the country that shows that Cebu Pacific is a diverse and multicultural company,” the flight attendant said.

“I hope this will be an inspiration not just to the LGBTQ community but to everyone who dreams and has goals in life to never give up on something you really want. Perseverance, positivity, determination, and loving what you are doing are some of the perfect formula to achieve your goal and will definitely lead you the way to success and happiness. Now I can finally say, this is by far the greatest crown I have ever achieved,” Labares said on her post.

Flyhigh Manila congratulated the LGBT community, Cebu Pacific and CebGo, for making history. She is also a Brand Ambassador at Skin 911 Facial and Slimming Centre according to her Facebook profile

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