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Which Continent has the Most Marriage Equality? Hint: It’s not Europe

With same sex relationships and marriage becoming more and more widely accepted you’d be surprised to know which of the world’s continents was the first to have the majority of its inhabitants living under marriage equality. I’ll give you a hint it’s not Europe! I’ll give you another hint it starts with South and ends with America. Give up? Its South America. With the Colombian legalization of same sex marriage in  in 2016 that made 72.2% of the population of South America living under the jurisdiction of marriage equality.  Second in the world is North America with 63.5% Astonishingly Europe came in at an abysmal  29% . Most people would find this shocking since Europe is often hailed as the land of tolerance. Even more surprising its not just eastern block of Europe that is holding the continent back. Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, Greece also do not have marriage equality.  This should serve as a reminder to many of us that the fight for equality is not over. Many of our brothers and sisters still live in a world where gays are considered second class citizens.

The following countries currently have marriage equality:

  • Netherlands 2001
  • Belgium 2003
  • Canada 2003–05 (nationally in 2005)
  • Spain 2005
  • South Africa 2006
  • Norway 2009
  • Sweden 2009
  • Portugal 2010
  • Iceland 2010
  • Argentina 2010
  • Uruguay 2013
  • New Zealand 2013
  • France 2013
  • Brazil 2013
  • England 2014
  • Wales 2014
  • Scotland 2014
  • Luxembourg 2015
  • Guam 2015
  • Pitcairn Islands 2015
  • United States 2015
  • Greenland 2015
  • Guerrero 2015
  • Ireland 2015
  • Colombia 2016
  • Australia 2018




  1. Sebastian

    Not surprising that South America surpasses any other region for gay marriage equality. I have lots of South American gay friends and they say gay marriage is becoming a norm in there. I hope other continents like Asia (specifically Philippines) will take this as an example and follow through. Well, we still have a long long way to fight for equality.

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