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The Fight for Gay Rights Must Continue in North Carolina!

We must not accept! We deserve respect!

Transgender Woman in the bathroom-Credit: @sarahemcbride/Instagram

The philistine anti-gay bathroom bill in North Carolina isn’t dead it has just taken new form. Democrat Roy Cooper apparently has signed a so-called compromise bill that still harms our LGBT brothers and sisters in N. Carolina.  Lets start with a little background. The notorious HB2 or ‘bathroom’ bill is basically says that one may only use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate. This puts many of our transgender brothers and sisters at risk as many of them may be forced to use a bathroom that doesn’t match their identity.  Imagine what danger the person in this photo might be in if she was forced to use the men’s bathroom.  What many people don’t realize however is that it also blocks North Carolina cities from passing anti-LGBT discrimination ordinances. In North Carolina, for example, an employer may legally discharge (fire) an employee if he even suspects the employee of being gay.

Under the new ‘compromise’ bill municipalities would still be barred from passing non-discrimination ordinances until 2020. In addition cities or school districts couldn’t pass ordinances allowing transgender residents to use the bathroom that matches their true gender identity. In short we’re still left where we started. No more anti-discrimination laws and our transgender brothers and sisters are still being put in danger every time they need to follow normal body functions.

Lets not mince words this ‘compromise’ was not so much to appease the LGBT community as it has been to appease the NCAA which cancelled its basketball championships in the state; along with other companies that have halted expansion plans or pulled out of the state.  An Associated Press analysis this week found that HB2 already will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years.  If we accept this ‘compromise’ then it may be enough to soften the economic impact of this hate-legislation and weaken our position to demand equality. This compromise is bad for North Carolina’s LGBT community and its bad for America. The battle for gay rights must continue not just in NC, not just America, but all over the world! We must fight for our rights!


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