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Gay Dating Sites to Meet Americans for Free

Are you looking for a gay dating site in the USA? Now that the USA has same-sex marriage many men overseas are looking to meet Americans for marriage. If that’s you here some good sites to meet Americans! Yes, it can happen if you simply don’t give up. Read my article on how to get a gay American daddy if you’re abroad in another country.

Best Gay Dating Sites in the USA

  • INGayDating (mostly SE Asia)
  • Compatible Partners (Mostly US & Canada)
  • Colombian Cupid (Colombia)
  • Growlr (worldwide)
  • Facebook (worldwide)


International Gay Dating, or (formally, is a gay dating website specialized for guys who are serious about finding a partner abroad. Most of its membership is based in The Philippines and surrounding countries, so definitely not the site for those that don’t like rice. The site requires all of its members to complete a questionnaire and receive an approval code, after that your profile will be evaluated by a staff member–they’re serious. If you’re willing to go through that then this might be a good site for you to check out.  The best part is free accounts may respond to messages.

Compatible Partners (not free)

Compatible Partners is the eHarmony for gay guys and gals. Just like eHarmony you have to go through a professional questionnaire which can take up to 1hour to complete. This site is for guys who are willing to go long distance but aren’t willing to go overseas just yet. Another benefit with this site is that you may find someone closer than you think. It is a paid site which is a good thing since guys with skin in the game tend to be more serious about a relationship.  I don’t recommend this site for those who are searching for a partner in a developing country because both sides have to pay in order to communicate.

Colombian Cupid

ColombianCupid is a Cupid Media company site for those who are interested in finding a partner in anywhere in Colombia. This site is not specifically gay but it does have a lot of gay members. A big plus for this website is that you can respond to messages for free just like INGayDating.  Another big benefit is that this site is huge, boasting over 1 million members. WOW! The part I don’t like is it’s not focussed on gay men which means it doesn’t have crucial categories in their profiles such as roles. They also don’t screen their profiles in any significant way. Browse Members for free.

100% Free Gay Dating Sites in The USA


One of the best parts of Growlr, besides its more accepting nature, is that you can do a worldwide search for free. In fact, one of the default screens displays members worldwide.  Then there’s the fact that it’s 100% free. The downside to that is the guys on there may not be so serious and if you’re abroad most of the American users are not interested in interacting with guys far away. Worse still, most of the guys aren’t interested in a relationship at all. Let’s be honest, its a hookup app for large men and those who admire them.


Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. If you’re looking to meet guys in America or abroad Facebook is a good choice–specifically Facebook groups. There are various facebook groups you can join, like this one, to meet guys almost anywhere in the world.  The best part, it’s 100% free! If you do decide to go on Facebook rather than a specialty site, expect to get a lot of requests for nude pictures or money.

The Truth About Gay International Dating Sites

If you are serious about finding a partner abroad here’s what you need to know about gay international dating sites. You get what you pay for. No matter what the site, if its free the guys just won’t be as serious as those who have skin in the game because they’ve paid. A specialty site that requires at least one side to pay will attract guys that are more serious.

But what about if I’m American?

That’s always been the dilemma. The guys abroad will know you’re serious because you’ve paid but where’s your assurance that you won’t get a gold digger? InGayDating attempts to solve that dilemma by requiring international users to go through an extensive screening process. They are screened by an automation process and then by a staff member. Whether you like the quality of their members is something you’ll have to see for yourself.

That being said you can meet someone anywhere. I know people who have met their life partners on all of these gay dating apps and sites. Your success ultimately depends on you.

Good Luck!

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