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How to Get an American Boyfriend if You’re Over 30

Honestly I prefer white guys but I always saw black guys as hot for sex.

That’s what was told to me. I was chatting with a 27-year-old Filipino and we had been chatting each other up for about 2 weeks at this point. I was talking to a guy from The Philippines and
we were getting on really well. He was honest about foreign guys giving him money when he was 18 and now he’s 27 and looking for something real. He had a stable job at a call center and I was really excited. But then one day we were talking and he told me that he preferred white guys and always just saw black guys for sex. What he was essentially telling me was because now that he had gained weight and was over 25 the white foreign guys didn’t take him seriously anymore. That’s why he was now willing to entertain a black guy (me).

The sad truth is most guys in The Philippines looking to date foreigners are looking to date white guys. That means it’s harder for a Black guy to find someone who isn’t a gold digger. But that doesn’t mean its impossible. My father has been married to a Filipina doctor for over 15 years at this point. Another sad truth is everyone has a right to their preferences.

I was chatting with a friend of mine who was extremely frustrated in his search for a real relationship. He told me how a guy from Germany was entertaining him somewhat but he was being so demanding and disrespectful towards him. I advised my friend to break communication with that guy.

But there was a bigger issue that was causing him so much trouble in finding an American boyfriend. He was 35. The sad truth is most foreigners that come to The Philippines are looking for 18-25 year-olds. The happy truth is, however, that not all of us are like that. If you happen to be over 30, overweight, have missing teeth, or whatever you can still find love. There are just a few things you may have to do.

Gay Dating in The Philippines When You’re Over 30

If you are reading this maybe you are over 30. If that’s the case please don’t throw in the towel. You can still get a man. It’s just a matter of emphasizing your strong points. Most foreign guys are tired of being solicited by guys who think they are doing them a favor by being with them. As someone over 30 that is looking for a serious relationship, your biggest asset is the fact that you actually are serious about a relationship!

I know many foreign guys who appreciate the fact that Filipinos over 27 tend to be serious and aren’t just looking for a sugar daddy to pay their tuition or buy them a smart phone. I dated a 33 year old for a year and he was one of the best partners I’ve ever had in my life. Why? Because the love was real. The bottom is your age is nothing to be ashamed of. I would never try to hide my race or my weight and you shouldn’t try to hide your age.

The Weight Issue

I do recommend losing weight if that is something that needs to be done. No one is saying you need a 6-pack or anything like that. But for me, being in shape is a must for a potential partner and I suspect most foreigners agree with me. The reason being is that I can get a guy over 30 and overweight back home. So there’s simply no need to travel to the other side of the world for overweight guys in his 30’s or 40’s. Whether it’s morally right or its wrong is irrelevant because that’s just the way it is.

Don’t be Ashamed of Your Age!

You can’t control your age and frankly, your age should be a point of pride. Every day you read about people on the internet that didn’t make it to your age. There’s no need to lie about your age. When he asks how old you are, tell him the truth. After that, let him know that you’re a professional who doesn’t need a foreign guy to take care of him. If you can convince an American that you are interested in dating because you want to and not because you have to that will bode very well for you!

Send a Shirtless Pic

When it comes to gay dating your body matters. It matters to you and him. That’s why if you’re over 30 don’t be afraid to send a shirtless picture. If you can show that despite your age you’re still in good shape he’ll begin to look past your age very quickly! I don’t recommend sending nude pics though. You want to entice him to work for more. If you give up all of your goodies in the first chat then you risk making yourself look desperate and cheap.

The guy I told you about in the beginning was never ashamed to chat with me without his shirt. It actually was a turn on for me because it demonstrated confidence. Whether you’re dating a foreigner or Filipino, showing confidence will go a long way towards endearing a guy to you!

Use Good Grammar

One of the best ways to impress a foreign guy is to use good grammar when you type. Honestly, it makes the hair on my neck stand when guys send me lazy messages. I know English is not the primary language in The Philippines, but, when a guy doesn’t even bother to capitalize the first letter of a sentence that’s not ignorance, that’s laziness. It also tells me that he doesn’t take me seriously, so why should I take him serious?

Don’t worry you don’t need to be an English expert to use good grammar. Grammarly is the internet’s best-kept secret when it comes to blogging. It automatically checks your type for spelling and grammatical errors. In fact, I’m using it right now. 😉 The best part, it’s free! Download Grammarly now.

Patience is a virture

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re trying to gay date over 30. That’s why you must look into yourself to find what makes you proud of who you are. Once you realize those key points it will show in your chats with people of any nationality. Remember, desperation is never attractive. Don’t be afraid to tell a rude foreigner ‘bye’ and never let anyone believe that your age makes you ‘less than’.

Good things come to those who are willing to wait.

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