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My Baguio Secret Revealed

I want to tell you guys about something that happened to me in 2017. I met this guy on Planet Romeo. We talked for weeks and he seemed so nice and understanding. We got along great. He told me he had a son and was separated from his wife. He asked me to go visit him in Baguio. I was actually traveling at the time and was in Negros.

But I cut my trip short to go see him. He told me he would help me pay for the hotel and would take me around Baguio. The first night he arrived and he kept trying to force me to have sex. It was really late and I kept saying no. But he kept insisting and he grabbed me and turned me over. He was a muscular large man so he could do it.

I gave in and said just a blow so I could go to sleep. Afterward, we ate breakfast and he said he was going to the store and asked me if I wanted anything. I said maybe just a bottle of water. He left and said he’d be back. 30 minutes passed, then 1 hour, then 2 hours passed. I texted him to see what the problem was. He didn’t reply. 6 hours later I saw him on Planet Romeo but he didn’t reply to my messages. What’s worse is the power went out so I was alone in the dark for the whole day!

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I felt so hurt and humiliated. I was left with both of our bills. I checked out early and when I was paying the receptionist she asked what happened to my companion. I said ‘oh he left’ and she replied ‘oh he left you’. I don’t think she meant anything by it but it was a piercing in the heart.
This was honestly one of the most humiliating experiences in my life. Maybe some people may see it was minor but for me it was utterly humiliating. I didn’t realize how much it still affected me which is why I am telling you guys. Telling people helps my healing process.

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