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A Guide to Gay Dating in The Philippines

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Whether you are tired of talking to guys that just want a sugar daddy or nude photos this guide will help you achieve your dreams. The A Guide to Gay Dating in The Philippines is the ultimate guide to getting a serious gay relationship at home or abroad! Written by an American gay man who has lived in The Philippines with years of experience dating Filipinos. You won’t find any tired cliches like ‘communication is key’ or ‘love conquers all’. This is the real deal!

It’s time to meet your forever!

This comprehensive gay dating guide includes:

  1. Understanding the differences between Western and Asian cultures
  2. The visa process to bring someone to America
  3. Knowing the signs of a scammer
  4. How to attract the best partner abroad
  5. How to create an outstanding dating profile
  6. Making a gay relationship last

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It’s time for you to find your forever! With this comprehensive guide for foreigners and Filipinos alike you will learn all the tricks of the trade in order to find the right partner. Don’t spend another holiday alone!


3 reviews for A Guide to Gay Dating in The Philippines

  1. INGayDating<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

    I’ve been searching for a gay daddy for years but I always get guys that aren’t serious and just as for nudes. I just ordered this and can’t wait for it. I’m excited to finally get a gay daddy!

  2. Rob

    I really enjoyed this book. It’s about 120 pages but the advice is really spot on if you are an American or European looking to date someone in The Philippines. The tone is straightforward which I personally like but some may not. What I like most about this is its practical and realistic. As a bear I really appreciate this sort of advice that’s geared towards people like me. Thanks for this!

  3. prairiepossum

    I’m age 56, American man that had a wonderful 2.5 year relationship with a Filipino much younger than myself. I fell in love not only with him but also the Philippines. This book is great for those in search of love and not afraid to take on the challenges of a long-distance relationship. You will learn what to accentuate to make yourself most appealing and a great ‘catch’. You’ll also read about what to avoid and what to watch out for so you don’t become a victim. Much practical relationship advise throughout that is beneficial to all of us.

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