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Westerner Onboarding Questionnaire

Welcome to the INGayDating onboarding questionnaire!

Are you tired of dealing with guys who are not serious? I created these questions in order to help match you with eligible singles who are interested in a serious relationship.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What happens if I just click through to complete the questionnaire?

A. You probably won't pass and will be asked to complete the questionnaire again. Please take this seriously.

Q. What happens after the questionnaire?

If passed you will be directed to set up a profile.



I am over the age of 18

Why do you want to join

Relationships take work

Top is to Bottom as Left is to ___

Tall is to Short as Fat is to ____

Ice is to Cold as Fire is to___

Which number should come next in the pattern?

37, 34, 31, 28

Book is to Reading as Fork is to ___

Which of the following can be arranged into a 5-letter English word?

4×10 =?

1000/10 =?

I find most gay/bisexual men to be annoying

How do you identify?

How do you identify?

How do you identify?

Filipinos are just gold diggers who want to take advantage of anyone they can.

How long was your longest relationship?

It's a privilege to date me and it must be earned!

I am willing to change my sexual role to make my partner happy. 

For example change from bottom to top

I would date someone that I didn't consider to be handsome

Toby works as a call center agent. He earns $30 per day and works 5 days a week but not on national holidays or if he's sick. How much does Toby earn per month?

Josh is a carpenter or better I should say he was a carpenter. You see, he quit his job and is now working at a welder. Well actually, he quit that job too and is going to school to be an electrictian right now. 

What is Josh's current job?

The most important thing to keeping a relationship together is…

I am barely making ends meet on social security or some other form of government assistance

I understand that interracial/intercultural/international relationships sometimes require more effort and maturity on both sides in order to succeed.

Josh and Sean agreed to meet at the mall for a date on Thursday at 6:00pm. Josh was there but Sean didn't show up. He waited for almost an hour and didn't receive any phone call or anything from Sean. When he called, Sean said he was sorry but he had to stay late at his job. 

What should Josh do?

If I am dating someone from a poor country he should be grateful that I am rescuing him out of poverty and should do whatever I say.

It wouldn't bother me if I found out the guy I was talking to lied to me about being a virgin.

Whose fault was it that your last relationship ended?

When meeting a potential partner it's a good idea to take your time and get to know him before jumping into a relationship.

Honestly speaking, why are you seeking a partner overseas?

Once you find a Filipino abroad who loves you, you'll experience love like you never have before!